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Reliability in Power

This episode delves into the the topic of reliability in power

The first topic we cover is reliability in power generation; how are we ensuring that we have sufficient supply of power

The second topic we cover is reliability in power transmission

Power Markets

Power Markets This is the fourth episode in this series called ‘Understanding Power’. This episode’s topic is all about understanding the cost of your utility bills. after evaluating your utility bill, it quickly becomes clear that there are two major …

S2:E3 – How is Electricity Generated?

This is the third episode in our series titled ‘Understanding Power’ This episode delves into the different mechanisms and methods for generating electricity. The first thing we discuss is how kinetic energy is turned into electrical energy using a generator. …

S2:E2 – Different forms of Energy

Energy comes in different forms and one of the main ways that we use energy is for heat. Whether that is for cooking, or transportation or even power generation (we’ll get into that in episode 3 of this series) This …

S2:E1 – Energy Vs Power

Have you ever wondered how power and energy work? This series is an introductory and educational series into #UnderstandingPower Today’s episode is all about Energy vs Power: How are they related and how are they different. Global Energy Consumption: Did …

Siemens SGE-100EM 2MW Engine

Siemens SGE-100EM Natural Gas Engine. The best-in-class solution. Robust, compact design provides more relief for long-lasting performance.

S1:E3 – Remote Power

Problem 3: Remote power We are continuing in our series on three main problems with the way we do power This is part three: remote power Did you know that in Canada 200,000 people are disconnected from the electrical grid …

Grid Limitations

Grid Limitations Series: Three Main Problems With the Way We Do Power We’re continuing in our power generation series. And today we’re talking about Problem #2, which is ‘Grid limitations’. So what are some of the limitations of our power …

S1:E1 – Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency In many jurisdictions, power is predominantly generated using thermal power generation systems powered by coal, oil, and natural gas. These large centralized power generation plants have no use for the waste heat being produced and as a result …

Greenhouse Growers, Licensed Producers

Overview Greenhouses and grow rooms play a critical role in a growers ability to complete year-round growing and control the quality of product produced. This is achieved by creating and maintaining ideal climate conditions: CHP Synergies Combined Heat and Power …

Upstream Oil and Gas

Overview Western Canada is home to one of the world’s largest petroleum reserves: In recent years, depressed commodity prices and ever increasing utility costs have eaten into producers’ bottom line. With costs exceeding selling prices, many of these operators have …

Recreation Centre

BACKGROUND The recreation centre, situated in Red Deer, AB, is a 250,000 ft2 leisure and wellness centre that has been in operation since 2001. Due to high utility costs and a desire to lower the building’s carbon footprint, an investigation …

The Collicutt Centre

BACKGROUND The Collicutt Centre, situated in Red Deer, AB, is a 250,000 ft2 leisure and wellness centre that has been in operation since 2001. Due to high utility costs and a desire to lower the building’s carbon footprint, an investigation into …


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