Electrical power range: 190 – 400 kW

Today and in the future, our focus is on developing and implementing system solutions for producing energy from climate-neutral regenerative fuels: such as combined heat and power systems (CHP) for biogas. The principle of a CHP system based on biogas is simple: biogas is generated during fermentation of organic material and collected. It is then used by a cogeneration system to create heat and power to be used locally or fed into the national power grid (as provided for by the Renewable Energy Act in Germany). The generated heat can be used during fermentation processes or to heat commercial buildings or residential areas.

Features of our Series 400:

  • Continuous development and optimization for more than 35 years
  • Meeting common industrial quality standards
  • Highest overall efficiency in its power range (up to 91.9%)
  • Sophisticated compact design
  • Factory tested with comprehensive performance evaluation
  • Cylinder-selective knock control