Our services range from routine scheduled maintenance and repairs, to major equipment overhauls and refurbishments.


We service a variety of engines and compressor units ranging from basic one-cylinder pump jack engines and reciprocating compressors, to the more sophisticated large bore engines and small, but complex screw compressors. Our service department also maintains and repairs Power Generation Systems, including Switchgear and Transfer Switches, both in the field and in our modern shop facilities.


Collicutt Energy specializes in Natural Gas Compression, Power Generation Repair & Maintenance and Engine Rebuilds. Read below for more details.


Remanufacturing your equipment to the specs you need is what Collicutt Energy Services is here to do. Collicutt offers 5 locations throughout Canada and the US that are dedicated to gas compression and power generation equipment. We can source equipment world-wide to ensure we meet the cyclical needs of our customers. Should you decide to alter your equipment, we have many compressor cylinders, frames, coolers, electric motors, engines, generators, compression packages, and much more to bring your equipment up to optimal performance. At Collicutt, we understand the value in re-engineering equipment to avoid unnecessary capital expenses.

We provide complimentary inspection and performance analysis on your current equipment, and will make recommendations to ensure your re-engineered equipment meets the required functionality.

Call our knowledgeable team to discuss a redesign option that fits your budget, and your equipment needs.